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Main Research Interests:

· International Relations 
· Security Policy and Military Sociology
· Peace and Conflict Studies
· Peace Ethics, Politics and Religion

Current Projects:

· Just Peace 

· Just Peace – A global Approach? 
· Just Peace in the Area of Tension between Non-Violent Conflict Prevention and Military Intervention as a Last Resort (Consultation Process)

· Just Policing – An Alternative to Military Intervention? 
· Memorandum “Rethinking Europe” 

Completed Research Projects:

· The Peace Potential of Religions in Conflicts using the Example of the Russian-Georgian War in 2008
· Transnational Terrorism and its Implications on the Democratic State
· The Transformation Processes in Post-Socialist States
· An International Comparative Policy Analysis: The Decision-Making Processes regarding the Military Structures in Europe (Post-Doctoral Thesis)
· Politics and Religion in the Example of Military Chaplaincy: Military Chaplaincy in Germany – An East-West Comparison (Doctoral Thesis); Military Chaplaincy in International Operations – A German-British Comparison

Further Activities:

· Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Foundation for Peace Research (DSF)
· Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Institute for Theology and Peace in Hamburg
· Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Journal ‘Security and Peace’
· Member of the Board of Trustees of the Hessian Peace Prize
· Member of the German Political Science Association (DVPW) and Speaker of the DVPW-Working Group „Politics and Religion“
· Coordinator of the Research Association “Religion and Conflict”
· Member of the Board of the Conference for Peace Work of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD)
· Member of the Theological-Ethical Association (THEA) of the Protestant Chaplaincy, Subgroup “Peace Ethics”
· Member of the Association for Peace and Conflict Research (AFK)
· Ad hoc Referee Activities, among others for the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the German Foundation for Peace Research (DSF), the Accreditation Agency Acquin and Journals